Our suite of products for the Publishing Industry

  • Subscriptions System
    • Manage all types of subscription
    • Renewals, Reminders and Label Printing
    • Payment Posting and Auditing
    • Integrated Royal Mail Mailsort and AFD Postcode Lookup
    • Comprehensive Management Reporting
  • Reader Holidays System
    • Manage details of available holidays
    • Manage bookings
    • Keep your customers informed of holidays in their interest area
    • Manage Commissions
    • Brochure Mailing Operation
    • Comprehensive Management Reporting
  • Leaflet and Free Newspaper Distribution System
    • Manage distribution of Marketing Leaflets and Free Newspapers/Magazines
    • Manage Rounds, Delivery personnel, Wages
    • Control Job Charging and Demographic Targeting
    • Comprehensive Management Reporting and Delivery Verification Analysis


We have expertise in the following areas

Threat Protection

Protection from Malware, Ransomware and similar threats

Order Malwarebytes

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